Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
spf4j-aether Maven artifact retrieval utilities
spf4j-asm Java bytecode traversal utilities
spf4j-config-discovery-maven-plugin A maven plugin to scan you java project bytecode, and document all uses of System property api. The documentation is a avro IDL file which records mimic the detected property structure.
spf4j-jdiff-maven-plugin The JDiff Maven Plugin generates a JavaDoc report based on the differences between sources of two versions of a project.
spf4j-core A continuously growing collection of utilities to measure performance, get better diagnostics, improve performance, or do things more reliably, faster that other open source libraries...
spf4j-slf4j-test A slf4j backend for your unit tests
spf4j-slf4j-test-junit5 A slf4j backend for your unit tests
spf4j-joda Collections of joda utilities
spf4j-core-gwt A continuously growing collection of gwt compatible components from spf4-core
spf4j-junit Junit integration that allows you to profile your unit tests
spf4j-jmh spf4j profiler and and java flight recorder JMH integration
spf4j-jmh-11 spf4j profiler and and java flight recorder JMH integration
spf4j-ui A simple swing UI that allows you to visualize/export diagnostic files generates with the spf4j-core library: tsdb, ssdump...
spf4j-aspects spf4j aspects for monitoring performance and retry
spf4j-zel The ZEL language, a simple language with concurency facilities, mathematical operations...
spf4j-zel-javax The ZEL language JSR 223 adapter library
spf4j-avro-components Avro utilities, more efficient GenericRecords, Schema traversal code...
spf4j-jacoco-aggregate This module aggregates all coverage reports
spf4j-maven-schema-resolver Avro schema resolver, this implementation uses maven aether, unlike which uses JAX-RS.